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How to be an Environmentalist on Twitter

Environmentalist on Twitter
Bradley Whitford and Malin Ackerman with Americans Against Fracking From: Americans Against Fracking, 2013

Are You an Environmentalist on Twitter?

So you’re an environmentalist on Twitter, and you’ve been getting active in environmental causes. You’ve been tweeting links, retweeting interesting photos and comments, perhaps joining a few conversations about specific environmental topics you care about.

Get More out of the Conversation!

One of the most effective ways to tweet and learn about environmental topics online is through a website called The Tree (treealerts.org). This site allows you to become a more effective communicator about environmental topics you care about. Check it out. Pick a topic you’re interested in, such as hydraulic fracking (treealerts.org/topics/hydraulic-fracking/) or Idle No More, and The Tree provides you with relevant reports and studies, images, videos, and quotes about the subject. Some topics include a list of tweets and hashtags that are used by the cause’s community.


Also check out this list of environmental hashtags to include in your tweets: some people follow certain hashtags and this can be a great way to gain followers and start conversations with new people.


A Verdant Geisha’s Top Environmental Hot-Button Topics

Zeitgeisha will be highlighting select environmental topics and providing you with tweets to use, twitter and facebook accounts to follow, and blog posts that may be of interest. Check back later, Geishas!

Green Topics on Twitter

  • Pipelines in Canada, especially the Pacific Coast and BC
  • Fracking
  • Tar Sands
  • Tankers
  • Destruction and over-harvesting of old-growth forests
  • Loss of habitat for caribou and grizzly bears!